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2011 Domestic & International Export Rate Updates

Dear Customers

Please be advised that the 2011 International & Domestic export  rate schedules will soon be uploaded to your account and take effect from January 4 2011.

As in previous years, Mission Express has kept any industry increases in costs to a minimum and continues to negotiate and work in partnership with reliable and sustainable airlines and carriers to achieve optimum rates and services for its customers.

We appreciate the economic climates around the world and wish to continue to be able to offer professional, flexible and cost effective solutions to you for your despatch needs.

For information regarding your specific rate review from January 2011 please contact Steve Grossman directly at or log on  to your account though our web site and view the 2011 rates for Courier, EP, UK, MHX and MEPS online from January 4, 2011. (Note: the 2011 rates will be able to be viewed from January 4 2011)

As with any industry increase it is important to substantiate its need. Mission Express is continuing to invest in its IT capabilities that will make your shipping more effective. We have a number of web facility additions being implemented this year for your benefit. We wish to maintain our current staff whom are critical to our business with their knowledge and enthusiasm. Out intention is to further our recruitment to support your needs in both operational and administrative areas of the business. The airlines and carriers within our industry have raised their prices of which we must reflect likewise to enable us to offer the range of services via preferred airlines and carriers across a very broad spectrum of services..

We will continue to be cost and service driven for our customers and to this affect we trust that this industry market increase will be received in good faith with the knowledge that our intention is to make services even stronger.

We look forward to being of service to you and your company during 2011 and beyond.

Yours Faithfully

Steve Grossman MIoD

Managing Director

Mission Express Ltd

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