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New Web Service Interface

 Web Service Interface

March 18. 2011

Dear Customers

We are pleased to announce the release of our new Web Service interface which will allow direct access to our in-house shipping systems.

We have worked closely with our systems provider to bring this exciting new functionality to you and hope that you will be able to make good use of the business opportunities it offers you.

Please direct your IT staff to the following web site for a technical understanding of this new interface:

In summary, this interface will allow you to send data to our system and also extract data from our system. Whilst we’re sure that this interface will continue to grow with usage, the current functions include the following:

• Create Consignments
• Create bar-coded Shipping Labels
• Request Driver Collections
• Request POD and Tracking information
• Create Stock Bookings
(for products stored at our warehouse facilities)

The technical web site detailed above contains a full list of the functions that your developers will require.

I would appreciate your feedback such that I may organise communication between our respective IT departments.


Steve Grossman MIoD
Managing Director

Tel: 02089171283
Mob: 07738458970

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