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Turkish Customs Regulation Changes

Please be advised that the clearance regulations have recently changed within Turkey and we are now in a clearer position to outline the implications to you as follows.

Any shipment that falls into one or more of the following three catagories will be classed by Turkish Customs as a "high value" entry:

  1. For re-sale in Turkey
  2. Weights over 30 kilos
  3. Has a declared value over £1400

Shipments that do not fall into one of the above catagories are able to be cleared under normal processes.

Procedure for "High Value" entry:

  • The consignee has to be contacted to obtain a Power of Attorney (POA) to authorise clearance.

It is generally noted that many consignees within Turkey are unwilling to provide the Power of Attorney to adhoc clearance brokers.

For shipments consigned to exhibitions and hotels etc the issue is compounded because the actual consignee will most likely not have a POA to enable the clearance to take place.

In the event that the consignee does provide us with a POA or has their own broker that they wish to use, it should be advised that shipments can sit in the Customs freight sheds and bonded areas for some time whilst paperwork is prepared and exchanged between parties. Storage charges will be incurred.

In order to avoid unnecessary cost and loss of time it is suggested that any shipnment falling into the above three catagories be investigated for clearance feasability before shipping. We would send a copy of the Customs Invoice to our local Istanbul broker whom will be able to advise us on whether the consignee has the POA and willing to pass it over. We will also be able to establish any import tax, duty and disbursement fees likely upon import.

Any shipments received at Mission Express that fall into the three catagories for "high value" entry will be held and you contacted to investigate the above points prior to shipping.


Steve Grossman

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