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Are you BREXIT prepared?

Mission Express is prepared and monitoring the Brexit situation closely to offer guidance to our customers on how they can prepare now to be ready for the significant challenges that may lie ahead.

Paperwork Checklist 

  • Importer 
  • Exporter 
  • Goods Description 
  • Packaging details 
  • Weight 
  • Sales value & Currency 
  • Incoterm
  • Country of Origin
  • EORI number 
  • Commodity codes


Do you know your commodity codes?


Have you registered to get your EORI number?

If you do not have an active EORI number (Economic Operator Registration & Idendification) this will be needed for Customs Clearance

Act now: If you do not have an active EORI this will be needed for Customs Clearance, it’s free to apply and currently takes just a few days. 

Act now: Establish the Customs commodity codes and incoterms for your goods. This will allow you to apply the correct rate and amount of Duty and keep you compliant with HMRC
Check: Is your business ready to provide commercial documentation for each Export or Import movement? This should include; goods description / tariff number / value & currency / packaging details / weight / origin / EORI number / Commodity code.

Speculation on the consequences and outcome of Brexit negotiations has reached a critical point but remains unclear.In the event of a ‘No Deal’ scenario on 29th March, all goods between the UK and Europe will require customs clearance. Congestion at ports has been widely predicted with the impact wide-spread for a period of time.

If you have any questions and would like to talk to us about being ready for Brexit, please call us on 02089171299 or email

01 April 2020
European dedicated vehicles available now in: Toulouse FR Geneva CH Breda NL Call 02089171299 or email freight@mis……
24 March 2020
Suspension of South Africa services effective Tuesday 24th. South Africa in lockdown from March 26.
20 March 2020
India - All flights to India suspended for at least 7 days ....
19 March 2020
USA postal costs potentially to increase by up to £3 per kilo due to airline capacity issues. Details to be confirmed.